How to use stock data analysis in a sales campaign?

The sales campaign is handled by separate departments within the company or external agencies. Their primary goal is to sell a given product or series of products, and in addition to increase brand awareness. Campaigns are planned with a limited budget, so it is necessary to find such means to gain the greatest effectiveness from the actions taken with minimal effort.

In online marketing advertisements displayed on websites and social media are of great importance for product promotion. From there, attractive graphics or videos redirect interested parties to the brand's landing page or its official website. This is where the user learns more about the item or service and decides whether to buy. However, in order to complete the transaction, it is necessary to redirect the potential customer to the checkout. If the manufacturer does not have an official store, he can refer the customer to one of the retailers. How to do it most efficiently? The specialists from 100shoppers considered this. The result of their analysis is the Where-To-Buy widget. After clicking on the icon, the buyer is presented with a list of online stores where the product is available. Such a user can choose any point of sale and make a purchase there.

One of the most important advantages of using the Where-To-Buy solution is the possibility of using stock data analysis. As it turns out, this widget is not only a functional addition to the website, but it is also an analytical tool used to optimize the sales campaign. By implementing a widget on the website, the company has the ability to track website traffic and even the sources from which customers came to the product page. In addition, by connecting the tool with the addresses of online stores, it is possible to access stock data. Information on the number of products available in stock, prices, customer preferences as to the color, model or product functions allow the producer to adjust the campaign to the needs of recipients.

Based on the updated data, companies can significantly reduce the budget for ongoing and future campaigns. Thanks to appropriate analyses, one can see which distribution channels are more popular and bring more profits. In this way, it is possible to cut off from unprofitable sellers, where products may unnecessarily linger in warehouses.


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