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How to get student accommodation in Poland at a reasonable price?

Formalities required to rent a flat in a foreign country are a headache to many students who want to study abroad. It's a very challenging task to find a suitable offer with attractive location and a reasonable price. Sometimes, the language barrier is also a massive obstacle. Little Home is a company from Warsaw that specializes in providing people with a comprehensive package of services necessary for a successful adaptation.

An online consultation with property management specialists is the first step on the way to quickly acquire student accommodation in Poland. They interview the future client to assess the available budget and arrange various other terms of the cooperation. Then, experts proceed to search for the best possible offers in the internet and among the renters they already worked with. The process is usually quite fast and troubleless.

It's important to notice that the company effectively solves all the problems with a language barrier. Specialists deliver bilingual documents, help with the communication with landlord and ensure that the tenancy agreement is properly written and valid. They also check the flat beforehand to see if it has basic kitchen appliances and other necessities.

Clients with the VIP package of services can expect full concierge care during their stay in Poland. It means that the company's experts are always available in case of any troubles or doubts. They can help with obtaining documents such as:

  • a temporary residence number (TRN),
  • a PESEL number,
  • a bank account,
  • a travel card,
  • a sim card.

The company's specialists are ready to do their absolute best to make the client's stay pleasant and effortless. Students will be able to enjoy university life without any major troubles.

Studying abroad is definitely a great adventure and an opportunity to broaden one's horizons. The firm's services are a wonderful offer for students afraid of the formalities and the process of settling in Poland. It's much easier with a qualified specialist by your side.


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Date: 2023-06-03
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City: Warszawa
Company address: Chmielna 2
Zip Code: 00-020


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